The Best Of Techno 2013

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The Public Stand 20131219: Rolf Mulder B2B Angel Alanis recorded during ADE

The Studio is back in effect! We’re back with a vengeance after a week of radio silence! Check out the tracks we think deserve a place on your iPhone, iPod or iPad or in your own sets!
In part II the recording of Angel Alanis and Rolf Mulder B2B at ADE, expect a Slap Jaxx vs TPS collision!

Next week I am back with a pre-recorded show portraying the best techno had to offer in 2013!

Stay safe.

The Public Stand 20131121 – Bas Mooy Going Back To His Roots

Part II:

The Release day of Mr. Jones Bar! We drop one of Bas Mooy’s remix here in part I. Jones dropped by to announce his own track, and we premier the new Robert Hood. We pay homage to a Detroit Legend: Anthony Shakir as he provides this week’s classic track!
In Part II Bas Mooy drops an exclusive mix where he goes back to his roots, just for once! Read-more

The Public Stand 2013 – Mr. Jones at ADE 2013, Recorded at Melkweg

Part II:

An ADE Recap with Mr. Jones, closing off The Melkweg during “Dave Clarke Presents” where he took over from Blawan and Pariah. The first hour brings you music by Energun, Peter Van Housen, LAW, Spark Taberner and many more!

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The Public Stand: Halloween Special


Murphy’s Law in effect, no Dj mixer in the radio studio at first, 5 minutes before I started I found one in studio80, Stream was off line and the show was not recorded. All due to a bug in the normally perfectly automated setup. So this show is a home recording, recreating the show I did at studio80 (not knowing it wasn’t recorded).

Nevertheless, thanks to all TPS Members for contributing to make this Halloween special happening!


Rolf Mulder – The Public Stand 20131024 – Guestmix Dez Williams

Post ADE show, the body is recovered, the inspiring events are done, the connections are tightened and Amsterdam became a friend too…
LEt’s not dwell too long as we have to continue to spread Techno in a music landscape bought by large companies from America, as Bear Who says “We’re Taking A Stand, We’re stopping This Wackiness”.

First up is the upcoming BLACKASTEROID on CLR “Black Body Radiation” followed by Pfirter, Tomohiko Sagae, Lag, Energun, Defekt, Estroe, Binny, Schlomi Aber, Submorph, and Delectro.
The TPS classic this week is from The Prince Of Techno: Blake Baxter.

The guestmix comes from Great Britain, Dez Williams put together a brilliant electro selection.

Enjoy your week!

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The Public Stand 20131010: Steve Rachmad

The Public Stand 20131010: Steve Rachmad

This week we got techno heritage in the studio, no other than Steve Rachmad takes on the second hour with a mix with mostly consisting of his own work (on request!). We could not obtain a tracklist as the mix contains upcoming releases on a label run by a very known Dj from Berlin. That’s all I can say about it…

My personal collection is full of Rachmad’s music, VCP, Paralall 9, Tons Of Tones, Sterac, Scorp, Sterac Electronics, Ignacio, just to name a few aliases of him. Last week we even dubbed one his tracks as one of the 10 most important tracks in Dutch techno history.

Right after he wrapped up his set we hung out a bit in the studio (Mr. Jones and half of HDN were there too!) where he played us lots and lots of demo’s for various projects. It’s moments like these that make you realize that the show is no Bedroom podcast anymore…

In the first hour, I play out all my favorite picks I got in over the last weeks… The new MORD, JoeFarr coming up on DSNT, J.Tijn on the remix tip, a tracks from Estroe’s upcoming album, the last Token, and many many more…

Enjoy your week, like I enjoyed this show… and TPS Troops, check your mail this week about ADE, you can win tickets to come see me play and we want to invite two members to attend the show live!

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Rolf Mulder – The Public Stand 20131003 – Top 10 Most Influential Dutch Techno TracksTop

1st Hour, business as usual, all the new techno that came in presented by me! In hour II (which for one time only, is in Dutch) we go through the 10 most influential dutch techno tracks, well sort of, a list like that is impossible. But I think we came up with a list that portrays the Dutch stake in techno pretty damn good.

Reason for the top 10 is we have the people over behind “Mary Go Wild”. A book celebrating 25 year of dance music in Holland.

Enjoy your week! Next week English for all you all again!

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Rolf Mulder – The Public Stand 20130926 – Guestmix by The Exaltics

The Exaltics Return to the show after last year’s mix straight from hell. This mix is shows off their smoother side, their deepest tracks all unreleased and literally closing off with a bang!

In Hour 1 You’re exposed to a selection of the newest tracks around. Truncate, Fabrice Lig, Pig and Dan, Detroit Grand Pubahs, Orlando Voorn, Sync 24, Erphun, Ritzi Lee and a Mike Humphries remix you cannot ignore as well!

Enjoy your week, troops

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